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Hearthstone Grill

Hearthstone Grill

306 Gatzmer Avenue
Jamesburg, NJ 08831
(732) 605-1800

The HearthStone grill is an American wood fired grill and small batch brewery. I specialize in high temperature natural wood cooking and smoking. I designed and built three unique pieces of equipment to help me accomplish that. The first is a true clay brick wood fired oven. it is a scaled down version of the bread oven the Lombardi brothers used to make the first pizzas in America. I use it to make a unique pie whose crust is created by using a wild yeast sour dough starter and is topped with our own house pulled mozzarella. The second is my kitchen pit. It's a hybrid of a southern BBQ pit and Argentine grill and I cook burgers, wings, chops & steaks over the live oak fire. The third is my smoker "Bob Marley". I house smoke turkey, pork, chicken, ribs and jalepenos with no nitrate injection over locally harvested oak logs.

My brewery is quite small! I brew 30 gallon batches of my flagship brews-Red Ale, Corn Flakes, Black Light and Russian Imperial Stout as well as a never ending lineup of "seasonals". I also brew smaller batches of "funky" brews before committing to the full 30 gallons. I currently work with my brewing assistant Dan Pigott and hope that by 2015 we'll have our act together enough to begin selling off site to other bars & restaurants. We are a partial mash brewery and are committed to using the highest quality grains & hops. Right now we have the Russian Imperial Stout and a seasonal called "soulless" on tap. Soulless is a fresh ginger infused red ale.

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